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Kids are most IMPRESSIONABLE from the youngest age IMAGINABLE!

Now let's meet the owner and your child's teacher!

Greetings, I'm Ms. Randi, a Army Veteran and I have a strong passion for helping kids of all ages.


***Khan for Educators: Khan Academy for Kids Badges: Khan Tenderfoot, Khan All-Star, Khan Mastery Master, and Khan Implementation Wizard.

***25 hours of completed training in business practices, marketing, curriculum, teaching, parent communication, classroom setup & environment, and classroom management.

***AS in Education.

***B.Soc.Sc., with a minor in Military Science.

***30 credit hours earned towards my M.S.Ed in School and Guidance Counseling.

***Certified Zumba Instructor (music/movement will be awesome).

***Over 10 years of experience in Counseling (mostly Military), experience in teaching/tutoring in Elementary, Middle, and High School (both domestic/international).

Now, I can use that same PASSION to teach YOUR child online!


Leilani Online Pre-K!

Actual Teacher + Real Life Preschool Friends!

On pre-k & kindergarten enrichment days, your child will enjoy learning from an actual teacher (that's ME!) for 30 minutes in the afternoon AND your child will have a blast talking to myself and his or her friends during Preschool Pals right after for 30 minutes! My online pre-k follows the NAEYC standards for Early Childhood Learning.

What do we do during Teaching Time?

In the afternoon for 30 minutes each class day: your child will love spending time with his or her friends learning from an actual teacher (that's ME)! EVERYONE IS MUTED, EXCEPT ME!!!

Music & Movement: 5-10 minutes

​Story Time: 5-10 minutes

​Teaching Time: 10-20 minutes

***all times are estimates***

What do we do during Preschool Pals?

Immediately following for 30 minutes each class day: your child will have a blast talking to, hanging out, and playing with me as well as other preschool friends. EVERYONE IS UNMUTED!!!

Positive Words of Affirmation/Sharing: 5-10 minutes

Interactive Learning (hands on): 10-20 minutes

​Parent/Teacher time: 5-10 minutes (if needed)

***all times are estimates**

Wondering if your child will stay engaged during class?


I have experience and I bring MASSIVE energy to every pre-k & kindergarten enrichment class I teach... including MY online classes! You'll be super impressed to see your child engaged, learning, and having fun! Quick, Easy, and Fun...

You'll absolutely love my


All of my CLASS sizes will be SMALL (2-6) for a more INDIVIDUALIZED and PERSONALIZED experience for the KIDS; instead of what you would FIND in other TRADITIONAL or VIRTUAL learning PLATFORMS. I will also, offer SPECIAL items to INTERESTED parents. THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE ONLINE PRE-K. Not to mention, you WILL receive "PRE-RECORDED" & "SPANISH" classes in addition to

"LIVE" classes...

Think online pre-k equals "educational" video games? Not here my friend! I loathe (with a passion) those mind-numbing, fast paced, and ADHD-behavior-inducing "educational" video games, and Youtube videos that make kids addicted.

At my pre-k, I use a variety of different educational resources to include, but not limited to the FUNDAMENTALS Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum by Joy Anderson and a VARIETY of other curriculums. ALL are activity-based curriculums with developmentally appropriate activities that will prepare your child for the next grade level in as little as 1 HOUR EACH DAY (HOW GREAT IS THAT)! There's NO NEED for you to supplement curriculum at HOME!

My tuition rates ARE affordable!


ONLY one option available right now 2 days/week on Tues. & Thurs. The best part? There is a 1 TIME NON-REFUNDABLE $25 REGISTRATION FEE and you'll get a

2 Day FREE TRIAL (exciting live classes) so you can start TOMORROW!

Tuesday (T) and Thursday (Th)

1200pm-1pm (EST)

$150 a month

includes: all-star welcome kit (school supplies used in class),

school t-shirt, school mask (on a by need basis), monthly curriculum packets, holiday themed storytelling, holiday themed accessories (wear during class), holiday themed arts & crafts activities, additional goodies, and shipping fees

(all which are mailed directly to your home). NO NEED TO SUPPLEMENT WE SUPPLY EVERYTHING FOR THE WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR

(10 MONTHS)!!!

  • Drop in class for Tuesday (T)
  • $25 per class
  • Drop in class for Thursday (Th)
  • $25 per class
  • Drop in for Tuesday (T) & Thursday (Th)
  • $50 per week

K-3rd Grade tutoring (other grades levels dependent on subject area,

online and in-person local only)


Have questions?


If you think of a question I haven't answered yet, feel free to reach out to me @ msrr@leilanionlinepre-k.com or @ 678-882-7698/678-834-9443.

  • Do parents have to be present? No. You do, however, need to log your child into the online classroom at the start of each class, but then you can either stay or do other things you need to do (they would need to know how to mute and unmute).
  • ​Do parents have to print things off or help outside of preschool class? Yes/No. Curriculum packets are mailed off monthly for the month prior and you would need to go over certain items with them for activities in class; therefore you don't have to supplement additional curriculum during the day.
  • ​What's the difference between your online preschool and Hooked on Phonics or ABC Mouse? The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that preschoolers have no more than 1 hour of screen time. Would you prefer your child used that hour on high-intensity video games or on face-to-face social interactions to prepare your child in EVERY WAY to develop socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, and linguistically? I believe preschool is a hands-on experience, and playing video games to "learn" isn't how we do things at online preschool. 
  • ​What if my child is shy, active, loud, crazy, etc.?  I have over 10 years of experience in Counseling (mostly Military), experience in teaching/tutoring in Elementary, Middle, and High School (both Domestic/International); so I think I've seen just about every type of child there is. I'm excited to teach your child and help him or her have a wonderful experience! 
  • ​What requirements do I need to participate? You'll need internet and a laptop or desktop computer. You can use an iPad or a phone but we don't recommend it because it's too hard to see everyone's faces and actually socialize with them. 
  • ​ I'm not technical. Will you show me how to login?  Yes. We've put together amazing video trainings that will walk you through how to login. It's easy!
  • ​What platform is this using? We use Zoom, a free platform. The links we use to join our online classroom are exclusive to our preschool families so no one else can access the online classroom. Plus, our online classroom is monitored by a teacher (that's ME!) at all times when in use.
  • ​I miss the friends I had with my child's local preschool. Can I connect with preschool parents in my child's preschool class? Absolutely! After signing up, you'll join our private Facebook group of amazing preschool families. We're super supportive and excited to have you join us!

If you miss a class, I have you covered!


If your child isn't able to make it to class one day, that's okay! I'll upload the class recordings and give you the link so your child can watch them

(not automatic, you must request)!

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Due to high demand, my classes fill up ridiculously fast. 

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